About the Glerbsite

Hi there. i made this website to have a nice little corner on the internet outside of the nightmare of modern social media.

Right now there's pages on music and a little bit on my interest in religion from a historical/sociological perspective, and some other dumb stuff. Hope you like it and I'll be adding more stuff periodically.

Design-wise i like Ancient Egypt and Egyptology and thought it would be neat to use the same picture of the pyramids at Giza with different psychedelic colors on each page. And then i thought, "what if also Giza had an ocean and a bear was just chillin' in it?"

[This site isn't currently designed for mobile and it probably never will be if we're being honest. It's more work than i care to do and i kind of like that it fits in with neocities' whole ethos of being from a time before mobile internet was a thing.]