September 29, 2022
====================================================== Absence
====================================================== i haven't been doing anything with this little site lately because i've come up with an--i think--actually pretty good idea. So a lot of my creative energy has been going towards that. i'm getting pretty darn close to launching it; when i do i might just link it here ;)

In other news i found out that recently, maybe last year or so, the band Electric Wizard released a song (album?) on an underground label that seems to support Nazi ideas so that's, you know, NOT GREAT. There haven't been any statements or anything from the band, but it's still sketchy-as-fuck, so i'm removing them from my bands page for the time being until/unless they make a statement disavowing the label and any association with that Nazi shit.

Somewhat related to the above, i just started watching Ken Burns' new documentary series "The U.S. and the Holocaust", which is really good so far. Important and, unfortunately, a timely reminder to look out for the slow plod of fascism. Anyone in the US or England, not to mention some other European countries, should be somewhat familiar with the recent trend towards far-right politics adopting more and more authoritarian and fascist ideals. It sucks to watch! Anyway, yeah, watch that doc series on PBS.org or wherever else.

July 14, 2022
====================================================== Added a WIP cube movies page
====================================================== i made the original design offline and then added it and the background today. At some point i'll actually compile my movie list and start writing out the individual pages. Obviously the first 'cube movie' is "Cube" (hence the cube design.) If you have any movies you think fit this category that i can add to my list, please leave a comment! i'm always on the lookout for more of these!
[Note to self: you already made a placeholder 'movies' page and need to link it and the cube movies on the index page. This is a reminder to do that when the time comes]

July 12, 2022
====================================================== My dumb ideas have come to fruition
====================================================== Only a week later and i got in the things i made from redbubble. (Which again, if you're interested, you can find here: GlerbCo.) They came out quite good! i love tote bags, they're usually the easiest way for me to carry around whatever crap i have. So i got the Japanese kanji for "cannabis", "Taima", on a tote. The colors didn't come out as bright as the original design, but honestly it still looks pretty good and i like that it fits the hemp-ish look of the bag. Maybe the bolder green will print better on darker colors.

And i also got my Please Don't Piss design on a t-shirt. It came out really great! It's direct-to-garment instead of screen-printing, but i'm really happy with how bright the yellow is. It smells something fierce though (because of the ink, not because it's soaked in piss,) need to wash it before wearing it.

On a different note i just started reading William Gibson's "Neuromancer" and hadn't realized until now how much of popular cyberpunk fiction is cribbed from his work.

July 5, 2022
Merch? Already?
i made a redbubble page. Mostly because i just wanted to get some of my own dumb ideas as physical things and redbubble was the cheapest way to get custom stuff. (Those other custom shirt sites are expensive as hell!) i don't expect anyone to actually buy anything, but hey, you never know. Maybe you want a sticker with the Japanese word for marijuana. i know i did. The link is here.

PS i guess -- should i remove the under construction banner on the home page? i feel like i have the basic site design down and any new pages i make are just expanding. It's not like i'm building this as a project with a big scope or anything. maybe i'll take it down later.

PPS -- i think i'm going to make some pages about movies, very specific sub-genres like 'escape the room' type stuff. just weird horror-adjacent stuff that deserves more attention and appreciation as its own little thing.

June 5, 2022
Added this updates page; changed the index header for Pride Month
i figured it would be neat to add a blog/news page thing for when i do update this site. And to have a little repository for random thoughts i have. i've been playing Pokemon Shield (finally!) and it's really good! Okay bye!